a fine line gallery
Our final exhibition opens on Friday 5th April 2013 5.30-7.30 pm - all welcome. We are finishing as we started with an exhibition by the Matakana Valley Group - all artists who live on Matakana Valley Road: Mike De Haan, Gary Horton, Mark Lewington, Louise McRae, Mark Wooller, Di Halstead, Vicki Fanning, Tabea Salewski, Lynda Harris. Exhibition runs through to Sunday 5th May at which time the gallery will close for renovations.

If you want to contact the gallery please email charlie@afineline.co.nz or phone Charlies Gelato Garden/A Fine Line Gallery on 09 422 7942.
A Fine Line Gallery is an art space designed to showcase a diverse range of art forms - painting, print, ceramics, photography, mixed media.

Exhibitions generally change every four weeks giving an opportunity for a variety of artists to display their work and for the public to be able to access and buy high quality artwork in a gallery setting - including work which we hope will be a challenging and rewarding experience.

Associated with Charlies Gelato Garden

Open 7 days,  10am - 5pm
17 Sharp Rd, Matakana
Ph 09 422 7942